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PhD Academy Poker Tournament Vol 1

Dec 04 2016 Published by under Activities, Social, Uncategorized

Dear PhD friends,

PhD Academy Maastricht proudly presents the next event this year: The PhD Academy Poker tournament Vol 1

Do you feel the attraction of poker? Do you think you have the skills it takes to beat your fellow PhDs? Or do you just want to learn the rules of the game?

Then join us!  PhD Academy Maastricht organizes a poker tournament including a training session upfront!

We start with a rookie training session, explaining the rules and play a bit for fun. Afterwards the official tournament starts. We play a traditional Freeze-Out system without Rebuy, Texas Hold’em.

The participants’ fee is 8 Euros. There will be a price for the X-best, which we will announced with the start of the tournament. In addition, 2 free drinks are included.

ATTENTION: Spots are limited to 20 players and registration needs to be done until 9.12. !!!
Buy your tickets here.

Date: 15th of December
Location: Eetcafe de Preuverij (in the room upstairs), Kakeberg 6
18:30 – 19:15: Rookie training session
19:15: start of the tournament

Join our Facebook event to see who else is going.


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PhD After-Work drink on 7/12

Dec 04 2016 Published by under Uncategorized

Come join us for another after-work drink event for some mix and mingle.
This time we will meet up at Peters Irish Pub (Kleine Gracht 40-42) on the 7th of December.
Come between 18:00-19:00 and receive two free drinks from us!

Join our Facebook event to see who else is going.

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Contact Information

Nov 13 2016 Published by under Uncategorized

PhD Academy addresses and contact information

Stichting PhD Academy

Postal address:
PhD Academy
Minderbroedersberg 4-6
6200 MD Maastricht
The Netherlands

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History of PhD Academy

Nov 13 2016 Published by under Uncategorized

In 1988, several PhD candidates from Maastricht University decided to organize themselves in an association. Since the beginning of 2000, this association goes by the name of ProVUM, which stands for Promovendi Vereniging Universiteit Maastricht. This association set as its goal to represent the interests of all PhD candidates at Maastricht University and its Social Committee opened up socializing space by organizing PhD Parties and institutionalizing the ‘first Thursday of the month PhD drinks’. The founding mothers and main drivers behind these activities were Saskia Bonjour and Mariolina Eliantonio, helped by other very active members of ProVUM such as Gjalt-Jorn Peters and Kees Saarloos.

In September 2007, the former Social Committee of ProVUM (SocCom) has been split off to found the PhD Academy. The main reason was the introduction of a budget from the University supporting networking and education of PhD candidates, while ProVUM’s political actions remain independent from University funding. At this time, the first Board was established by Erik Pot, Daniel Vértesy, Marco Zinzani, and Adrienne Goebbels. This board was active from September 2007 until the end of 2008, when Adrienne left the board and Siu Hing Lo and Stéphanie van Nispen joined. This transition period lasted until September 2009, when Erik and Daniel left the board.

More details can be found in the Yearbook of 2008. The new board of PhD Academy would like to thank all previous board and active members for their ongoing valuable support.

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Organizational Structure

Nov 13 2016 Published by under Uncategorized

The PhD Academy has a very social structure and heavily relies on the active involvement of a large number of volunteers. The individual volunteers form committees for the organization of specific events and take care of planning and execution. They are supported by the board of PhD Academy with administrative tasks, finances, and promotion. In order to reach out to all PhDs of Maastricht University, the PhD Academy maintains a network of contact people for each department or faculty and via our Facebook pages (general,movie, and theatre (improv)).


The primary objectives of the PhD Academy board are the coordination of committees, promoting and supporting events and the PhD Academy, and taking care of the finances and other executive tasks.


The chair prepares and moderates board meetings and the general internal communication. Represents the association to other official bodies, and distributes emails to the contact network.


Keeps books and provide an overview of the budget to the other board members. Ensures a balanced and defendable budget.


Head of one or more committees, tracks the progress and supports the realization of activities from budget planning to execution.


The following committees are formed to realize upcoming activities:

  • Academic Events committee
  • Movie Nights committee
  • Social events committee
  • Sports committee
  • Theatre committee
  • Dance committee

Become part of our international team and join a committee. Read more on getting involved.

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After-work drink in the Law Faculty!

Nov 13 2016 Published by under Uncategorized


Never visited Law Faculty before? Well, Come grab a drink (s), enjoy the nice campus and socialize with PhDs from other disciplines!

The main event will be held in the Common Room and the nearby garden, follow our signs from the main entrance of Law Faculty, you will easily find the location. “Hidden treasure tourist spots” of the faculty will be illustrated in a map in the Common Room, feel free to have a tour!

18:00 — 20:30 on Thursday, November 17 . 

Law Faculty of UM
Bouillonstraat 1-3, 6211 LH Maastricht

Join our Facebook event and see who else is coming.

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Movie Night | I, Daniel Blake

Nov 13 2016 Published by under Uncategorized

imageDear cineasts! PhD Academy invites all PhD candidates to the premiere of “I, Daniel Blake” on Wednesday, November 16, at 20:30 at cinema Lumière (please note that the Lumière moved to a new address: Bassin 88).

Tickets are €5.00, including two free drinks. You can buy your tickets online, or reserve them by calling Lumière at 043-3214080. When calling, register under PhD Academy instead of under “I, Daniel Blake”. Please call Lumière in case of cancellations.

PLEASE NOTE that this event is exclusively for PhDs of Maastricht University

Join the facebook event and see who else is coming.

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Wanted: actors

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Dear PhD students,

The PhD Academy Theatre Committee is organizing a play. The play will be performed in November 2016.

Rehearsals have already started, but we are still looking for actors, preferably male.

Do you like to act and are you available to rehearse at least once a week until the summer and once or twice a week after summer? Please send an email to:

The PhD theatre committee,

Adam, Dorijn and Eveline

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PhD Improv Show

Dec 15 2015 Published by under Theatre, Uncategorized


improv showDear friends of PhD Academy,

PhD Improv group is inviting you for a special performance. During our Improv Show, different theatre games will be played and different characters, stories will emerge… On the spot!

The entrance is free! Join us and help us decide on the ‘rules of the game’. Let the show be as much a surprise for us as it will be for you!

Please arrive 15 minutes in advance to secure a seat!

• Date: January 16th
• Time: 20.00
• Location: Kumulus theatre, Herbenusstraat 89,5.6829151,16z/data=!4m5!1m2!2m1!1skumulus+theatre!3m1!1s0x0:0x3a503e2f5146af77
• Price: Free!!
We hope to see you there!

Join the Facebook event and see who else is coming.

PhD Academy theatre committe


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PhD Academy Ski Trip

Oct 21 2015 Published by under Uncategorized



PhD Academy Ski Trip    

La Joue du Loup, France

January 22nd – 26th

Dear PhD students,

After the big success of last year’s ski trip to Winterberg, Germany, we would like to invite you to an even bigger and better ski trip!

The PhD Academy Ski Trip of 2016 will go to La Joue du Loup, France. This village lies in the ski area ‘Massif du Dévoley’. Its highest point is 2500 meters, there are 100 km of ski slopes (5 black, 14 red and 32 blue ski slopes) and 27 lifts. It’s not too big and not too small, perfect for a mini ski trip like this.

Departure Maastricht
We will depart Maastricht (near the MVV football stadium) by bus at approximately 8pm on Friday, January 22nd. The next morning we will arrive in La Joue du Loup.

We will be staying at Residence La Crête du Berger ( for 2 nights (Saturday and Sunday night). A few minutes walking distance from the ski lift. Bars and cafés are also near. Each apartment sleeps 6. Half board is included (2x breakfast and 2x dinner).

You will receive a 3-day lift pass (Saturday, Sunday and Monday). This pass allows you to go skiing or snowboarding three full days.

Departure La Joue du Loup
We will depart La Joue du Loup at approximately 8pm on Monday, January 25th. We will arrive in Maastricht on Tuesday morning, January 26th at approximately 9am (due to traffic, arrival time can differ) (those who feel like it can go to work).

Sign up
Would you like to join? You can sign up before November 25th! (Only 25 spots are available, full = full). Sign up online here.

You will immediately have to make an advance payment of €100 (using IDEAL). The remainder of the costs will have to be paid at least 6 weeks before the trip (using IDEAL).

Unfortunately, the website is only in Dutch. Ask a Dutch speaking colleague or friend to help you sign up if needed.

IMPORTANT NOTICE FOR PEOPLE >30 years: in order to proceed with your booking, please put 1985 as your birth year.

Travel and cancellation insurance
The sign up link allows you the option of getting travel and/or cancellation insurance. We strongly urge you to do so! The travel insurance will cover your health care needs in case of a ski accident. The cancellation insurance will refund your ski trip in case you are ill or in case of illness or death of a family member (it will not give you a refund if you can’t go on the trip due to other plans or because you simply don’t want to go anymore).

Ski/snowboard rental
The sign up link allows you the option of renting skis or snowboards and shoes. You cannot rent clothes!

Ski/snowboard lessons
Would you like to take lessons? Email us and let us know:

  • If you are a beginner, intermediate or advanced
  • If you would like ski or snowboard lessons
  • On how many days you want lessons (1, 2 or 3 days)

Price for 1 lesson (2 hours) is approximately 30 euro (depending on the amount of sign ups).

– Bus trip + 2 nights + half-board + 3-day lift pass: €249

Extra options  
– Ski rental: €49 for 3 days (skis + shoes) or €39 (skis only)
– Snowboard rental: €65 for 3 days (snowboard + shoes) or €49 for 3 days (snowboard only)
– Ski/snowboard lesson: €30 approximately per 2 hours (depending on the amount of sign-ups)
– Travel insurance: €12.85 – 18.85 (depending on how much you want covered)
– Cancellation insurance: €20

Refund for PhD student
PhD students of Maastricht University will receive a €25 discount (to be handed to you in cash on the first day of the trip).

Friends and family
You are welcome to invite 1 friend or family member on the trip. Just pass them the link.

Contact the PhD Academy Sport Committee at:

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