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Folklore Dance Series: South Italien

May 09 2014 Published by under Dance


PhD Academy presents:

• Tarantella: South Italian folklore group dance
• Calabrisella: Folklore dance from Calabria




• For PhD students and their friends
• Fee:5€ (Late registration: 10€).
• 2 Free drinks.
• Register:

• Have no clue what it is? If you know Godfather, Harry Potter, Tarantino, etc. then you have seen the dance or at least heard the music without knowing its name!

• Folklore Dance Series? Our new series of dance events are focused on “Folklore” dances from different parts of the world. The main goal is to socialise and have fun while learning a new local group dance. So, the format is casual: 60-90 minutes of training followed by party with the same theme.



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Belly Dance Workshop & Oriental Party

Nov 28 2013 Published by under Activities, Dance


Dear friends of PhD Academy,

The PhD Dance committee invites you to a Belly Dance Workshop on December 14th. And if that doesn’t make you feel properly oriental, there will be an Oriental Party directly afterwards! The party is open to everyone, also those who did not participate in the workshop.


When? Saturday, December 14, 18:30.
Where? Kumulus Cafe, Herbenusstraat 89, Maastricht
What? 3 x 1 hour lessons with 10 minute breaks in between.
Cost? €5 (early bird* registration) / €10 (late registration).
What else? 2 drinks + 1 Belly Dance Belt included.
Register? send an email to
Limit: 25 persons. Guys can participate but are not encouraged.

*Early bird registration is until December 7th.


When? 22:00, directly after the workshop
Where? Kumulus Cafe, Herbenusstraat 89, Maastricht
Theme? Oriental
What do we mean by Oriental? Arabic, Armenian, Persian, Turkish, etc.
Cost? free.
What else? 2 free drinks (before 11.00 pm)

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