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One Day Play

Mar 06 2017 Published by under Activities, Cultural, Theatre

Not sure whether acting is something for you, but curious to find out? Always wanted to be a true actor and take your place on the big stage, but have little spare time? Or simply want to have fun with a group of fellow-PhDs? Either way, the One Day Play is something for you!

During the One Day Play we will literally make a theatre play in one single day. Starting from scratch, you will create, practice, and perform a short theatre play on Sunday March 19th. You’ll work in small groups under the guidance of an experienced director, and together you will perform the play that very evening in the Pesthuys Podium.

No prior experience is necessary!

Sign-up via this link right here:

Date: Sunday March 19th, 2017
Time: 11:00am – 11:00pm
Location: Pesthuys Podium, Vijfkoppen 1
Price: 15 Euros (including lunch, dinner & drinks)

We look forward to playing theatre with you soon!

The PhD Theatre Committee

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An evening of theatre: “Confusions”

Dec 09 2016 Published by under Theatre

PhD Academy Theatre Committee invites you all to our very first theatre play: “CONFUSIONS” , a play written by Alain Ayckbourn and directed by John Ramaekers. The 15 actors, mostly PhD students, will take you through 1,5 hours of crazy neighbours, desperate men,  a failed dinner, and a village party gone wrong.

Play dates are friday January 20 & saturday January 21, 2017 at ‘t Magisch Theatertje in Maastricht. Doors open at 19.30 and the play starts at 20.00.

Tickets are 5 euro for PhD students of Maastricht University and 10 euro for non-PhD students. Buy your ticket here:

Check the facebook event to see who else is coming. We hope to see you there!


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PhD Improv Show

Dec 15 2015 Published by under Theatre, Uncategorized


improv showDear friends of PhD Academy,

PhD Improv group is inviting you for a special performance. During our Improv Show, different theatre games will be played and different characters, stories will emerge… On the spot!

The entrance is free! Join us and help us decide on the ‘rules of the game’. Let the show be as much a surprise for us as it will be for you!

Please arrive 15 minutes in advance to secure a seat!

• Date: January 16th
• Time: 20.00
• Location: Kumulus theatre, Herbenusstraat 89,5.6829151,16z/data=!4m5!1m2!2m1!1skumulus+theatre!3m1!1s0x0:0x3a503e2f5146af77
• Price: Free!!
We hope to see you there!

Join the Facebook event and see who else is coming.

PhD Academy theatre committe


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PhD Movie – the Casting

Feb 07 2014 Published by under Activities, Theatre

Dear friends of PhD academy,

Did you always wanted to shine on the big screen? Do you like acting or want to find out if you like it? This is your chance!

We are intending to make a movie about the struggles of PhD life. Two best friends PhDs have to fight for only one post-doc position. Will their friendship last?

Casting will be 22th of February from 2-6 pm!


Our PhD movie is an amateur production, intended to give us some nice memory of our PhD life, and to show the world our PhD life. No prior experience is necessary! Every PhD that will come to the casting is ensured for a role in the movie!

Sign up for the casting before the 18th of February. Dialogs to practice will be provided that day. Please subscribe by sending an email to and more info will be provided and don’t forget the check the facebook page for more information.

Hope to see you!

PhD Movie Makers & PhD Theatre Committee

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Improv Show

Nov 27 2013 Published by under Cultural, Theatre


Dear friends of PhD Academy,

After a number of successful theatre events last year, PhD Improv group is inviting you for another performance. During the Improv Show, different games will be played and different characters, stories will emerge… On the spot!

Where? Pesthuys Podium
When? 7th December, Saturday, 8 PM

The entrance is free! Join us and help us decide on the ‘rules of the game’. Let the show be as much a surprise for us as it will be for you!

Join the facebook event and check who else is coming. Places are limited, so please come 15 minutes in advance to secure a seat!

Best wishes,
PhD Improv group

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Theater aan het Vrijthof | International programme and discount

Nov 15 2013 Published by under Activities, Cultural, Theatre


For all of you who are interested in theatre, dance, and music, we are now cooperating with Theater aan het Vrijthof to provide you with an overview of all shows that are of interest to non-Dutch speakers as well. Moreover, for selected shows the theatre offers a 10% discount for PhD candidates through PhD Academy.

To kick off this new initiative we invite you to join us for the International Comedy Night on December 2nd, at 20:30. For this show PhD Academy members pay €8 instead of €12.50. Check our Facebook event to see who else is coming!

Other upcoming shows for which the theatre offers us a 10% discount are:
– The Umbilical Brothers – Rehearsal (comedy, Nov 22)
– The concert that never was (song, Nov 27)
– Parkin’son (dance, Dec 11)
– Ugo Dahaes / Kwaad Bloed – Women (dance, Dec 14)
– Ad Colen Kwartet (jazz, Jan 16)

In order to profit from this discount, print the invitation e-mail that you will receive through our distributors and bring it along with your UM card to the UITbalie at the theatre to get your tickets. If you did not receive this e-mail let us know.

We will keep you informed about future shows, and provide a more extensive overview of the non-Dutch language programme that the theatre offers on our website and on Facebook, so keep an eye out!

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PhD Improv Anniversary Show

May 30 2012 Published by under Theatre

Dear friends of PhD Academy,

We are proud to announce that PhD Improv is having its one year anniversary! To celebrate this we are hosting an PhD Improv Anniversary Show this Saturday.  Come watch us and if you dare….participate!

Date: Saturday June 2nd

Time: 20:30

Location: Pesthuys Podium (Vijfkoppen, Maastricht)

Price: Free!

We would very much appreciate it if you could confirm your attendance on our Facebook page. There are 50 seats available, so be there on time to get the best seats. Check also Facebook for more information on the Show and on PhD Improv.

See you there!

PhD Academy Theatre Committee

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Kyteman concert April 21st , 14€ instead of 28€

Mar 16 2012 Published by under Cultural, Theatre

Saturday April 21st the PHD Academy Theatre Committee organises a concert-trip to Heerlen, where the Dutch KYTEMAN performs in the LIMBURGzaal. In cooperation with Parkstad Limburg Theaters the PHD Academy Theatre Committee managed to arrange a limited amount of HALF PRICE TICKETS for this concert! You pay €14,00 instead of €28,00 to see Kyteman and his Hiphop Orchestra perform live!


In 2009 / 2010 the Dutch trumpet player Kyteman won pretty much all popawards you can win in the Netherlands. Together with his ‘Hiphop Orchestra’ (22 people!) he travelled along all the big festivals like ‘Lowlands’, ‘Pinkpop’, ‘Eurosonic/Noorderslag’ and ‘North Sea Jazz’. At that tour they also visited the LIMBURGzaal in Heerlen and gave a performance that Kyteman himself puts in his personal Top 5 performances ever!

After a year of relative silence, during which Kyteman worked on a new album that was released at the beginning of this year, he starts a new clubtour. Saturday April 21st he comes back to Heerlen.

Click here to watch Kyteman perform:


If you want to come along on the trip, order tickets this way:

Call: 045-571 66 07 (mon-fri 11.00-17.00hrs / sat 11.00-14.00hrs)

And mention that you are from the PHD Academy

Be fast, because there’s only a limited amount of halfprice tickets available!

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One Day Play: make a play in one day!

Feb 16 2012 Published by under Theatre

Not sure whether acting is something for you, but curious to find out? Always wanted to be a true actor, but having little spare time? Either way, the One Day Play is something for you!

During the One Day Play we will literally make a theatre play in one day. Starting from scratch, you will create, practice, and perform a short theatre play on Saturday March 10th. You will be working in small groups under the guidance of an experienced director, and together you will perform the play that very evening in the Pesthuys Podium.

Sign up for this one time only One Day Play. No prior experience is necessary.

Date: Saturday March 10th, 2012

Time: 11:00am – 11:00pm

Location: Pesthuys Podium, Vijfkoppen 2

Price: 15 Euros (including lunch, dinner & drinks)

Register by sending an email to Sign up fast, because places are limited!

We’re looking forward to playing with you. It will be fun!

The PhD Theatre Committee

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Introductory Theatre Course for PhDs (full)

Oct 16 2011 Published by under Cultural, Theatre

Given the huge success of the previous editions we will again offer our introductory course ‘Theatre for PhD students’. The course starts from scratch. It is open for everyone, experienced and inexperienced, confident and nervous. For people who’ve always wanted to act and people who want to learn how to better present themselves.

When? Wednesday evenings, 19.30 until 21.30

Exact dates: Nov 02, Nov 09, Nov, 16, Nov 23, Nov 30, Dec 7, Dec 14

Where? Café Ma van Sloun, Tongersestraat 3 or School of Business and Economics (will be announced later)

How much? 40€ per person

This  is a theatre course, but it also teaches us valuable lessons we can use in our work.  For example, giving better presentations: how to stand,  how to speak and most importantly: how to connect with the audience.

The course will be taught by Tamara Jongerden, an experienced theater and presentation skills trainer. At the moment Tamara works at the Maastricht Academy of Music (Conservatorium). She also worked at the Maastricht Academy of Dramatic Arts (Toneelacademie) and the Maastricht Hotelschool. She is an authentic trainer who makes her courses an enjoyable experience.

In only seven evenings she will take us from the basics of acting to the point where we can present ourselves freely on stage.

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