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Movie Night | La La Land

Dec 07 2016 Published by under Cinema


Dear cineasts!

PhD Academy invites all PhD candidates to the premiere of “La la land” on Wednesday, December 14, at 20:30 at cinema Lumière.

Tickets are €5.00, including two free drinks. You can buy your tickets online, or reserve them by calling Lumière at 043-3214080. When calling, register under PhD Academy instead of under “La la land”. Please call Lumière in case of cancellations.

PLEASE NOTE that this event is exclusively for PhDs of Maastricht University

Join the facebook event and see who else is coming.

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Movie Night: Her

Jan 28 2014 Published by under Cinema, Cultural



The PhD Academy invites all PhD candidates to the premier of ‘Her´ on Wednesday 19 February at 19.30 in cinema Lumière (Bogaardenstraat 40b).

Tickets are €5.00, including two free drinks. You can buy your tickets online here, or reserve them by calling Lumière at 043-3214080. When calling, register under PhD Academy instead of under ‘Her ´. Please call the Lumière-desk in case of cancellations.

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Invitation | Movie night: Samsara

Nov 29 2013 Published by under Cinema, Cultural


The PhD Academy invites all PhD candidates to the premier of ‘Samsara’ on Wednesday 11 December at 19.30 in cinema Lumière (Bogaardenstraat 40b).

Tickets are €5.00, including two free drinks. You can buy your tickets online here, or reserve them by calling Lumière at 043-3214080. When calling, register under PhD Academy instead of under ‘Samsara’. Please call the Lumière-desk in case of cancellations.

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Movie festival | Passion for Music in High Definition

Oct 03 2013 Published by under Cinema, Cultural

Movie Festival mail


The PhD Academy proudly announces the first PhD Movie Festival:  Passion for Music in High Definition”, on Saturday 19th October at Lumiere.

Three films + Drinks + Food + Live Music!!!

Ticket price: 10 Euros (exclusively for PhD candidates).

You can buy your tickets online here:

Places are limited so buy your tickets ASAP!!



16:15 – Chico & Rita (

18:00 – Break (food and live music!)

18:45 – Shine ( )

20:30 – Break (food 2nd round!)

21:00 – A band called death (

23:00 – Live music & drinks


More info:



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Movie Night: Searching for Sugar Man

Jun 15 2013 Published by under Cinema, Cultural

The PhD Academy invites all PhD candidates to the premier of ‘Searching for Sugar Man´ on Wednesday 19 June at 19.30 in cinema Lumière (Bogaardenstraat 40b).

Tickets are €5.00, including two free drinks. You can buy your tickets online here, or reserve them by calling Lumière at 043-3214080. When calling, register under PhD Academy instead of under ‘Searching for Sugar Man´. Please call the Lumière-desk in case of cancellations.

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Movie Night: Seven Psychopaths

Nov 28 2012 Published by under Cinema

The PhD Academy invites all PhD candidates to the première of ‘Seven Psychopaths´ on Wednesday 12 December at 19.30 in cinema Lumière (Bogaardenstraat 40b).

Tickets are €5.00, including two free drinks. You can buy your tickets online here, or reserve them by calling Lumière at 043-3214080. When calling, register under PhD Academy instead of under ‘Seven Psychopaths ´. Please call the Lumière-desk in case of cancellations

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Movie Night: The Hunt

Nov 01 2012 Published by under Cinema, Uncategorized

The PhD Academy invites all PhD candidates to the première of ‘The Hunt´ on Wednesday 7 November at 19.30 in cinema Lumière (Bogaardenstraat 40b).

Tickets are €5.00, including two free drinks. You can buy your tickets online here, or reserve them by calling Lumière at 043-3214080. When calling, register under PhD Academy instead of under ‘The Hunt´. Please call the Lumière-desk in case of cancellations.

Well, give me a moment to explain the utter insanity of this system. You’re going to have cushions, or rails. Now the jump front kick. Extend your hand in front of you with the palm facing away. Check the weekly Nielson ratings, and CBS owns 50% of the top 10 every week. Jesus stated in John 15:7, (paraphrased) if you abide in me and my word abide in you, ask what you will and it will be given to you.. If you expect the blitz is coming, changing your pass protection can reduce your vulnerability. As Archie Carroll states in “The Pyramid of Corporate Social Responsibility:” “Philanthropy is more discretionary or voluntary on the part of businesses even though there is always the societal expectation that businesses provide it.” Examples of this would be lending an executive to help with United Way fundraising or helping African girls stay in school as Procter and Gamble’s Protecting Futures program does.. But my plan is not just to have a new stadium for West Ham but a real sporting centre for London: we’ve plans for joint season tickets with athletics, Twenty20 cricket, rugby, and Fake Oakleys we are talking to the NFL.. Michelle McKenna leading RIT. Is that we hope that more women will feel empowered fake oakleys to come forward and correct what is clearly illegal and unfair treatment. The first is that during apnea, no new oxygen is being cycled to your cells, cheap football jerseys china which keeps them from performing their usual tasks, many of which can only happen when the body is resting. Now, when you are playing your sets, you can limit to one set, two sets, best of three sets, or as some of the pros play in the grand slams, the best of five sets. You may have to pay just about less than $10 for buying this game.. The cells were incubated in osteogenic medium for 10 days, and the solution was changed every other day. The former Cassius Clay took the heavyweight boxing championship in 1964 after winning an Olympic gold medal in 1960. And what crosses to the side of distressing and leaving the audience shell shocked.. Our capital expenditures were $1.9 million to $3 million so far this year. Begin by using your tin snips to cut large rectangular pieces of metal. All sorts of weird stuff happens. Or alternately, when you literally drive head on into a truck on the way to work because you’re both drunk and hungover.. According to the contract, Comcast will transfer all the assets pertaining to RDK to the newly formed JV. A Change of HeartAs a born and bred New Yorker, Yankees and Giants fan, I have always loathed the Boston sports scene.
He’s my early pick for Offensive Rookie of the Year.. We certainly didn And I will tell you that what we saw on the first videotape was wholesale Jerseys troubling to us in and of itself. So becoming a professional football player, most would agree, is more difficult and fewer people in society are able to do this, jordan sale and the professional football player salary reflects this. Football is America’s most popular sport, so you wouldn’t think the National Football League would have any trouble getting fans to come to games. Cities that are attractive tourist sites, such as Miami, New Orleans and San Diego are often chosen as host cities. The NFL certainly isn’t doesn’t think so. “Want to go back to my place?” and see my collection of Fake ray bans expensive paintings? Now this line, folks, showed an extra amount of self confidence by the man using it to impress a girl. The Buccaneers pulled off a stunning 27 24 win over the Steelers with Mike Glennon hitting a diving Vincent Jackson for a 5 yard touchdown with 7 seconds remaining. Part of it is that as a nation we are not good celebrators. In December, Google Fiber said Los Angeles was one of 17 cities that could receive access to the service. Rewind until his square shoulders turn skinny and his confident demeanour shades into shyness. Now, I’ll keep rocking the string ’til I get to the point where I want to finish the serving. “Every year I spent overseas I felt the game just wasn’t the way I expected it to turn out to be, so that drive to continue with basketball started to fade a little bit,” he said. The Chargers believe it would be much more difficult to finance than a multi use facility downtown.. Replica Oakleys “My worst models are the people who want to be my best models,” Meade said. The protection afforded by the bankruptcy filing will allow GMG to exercise its rights to due process. It was unusual for him to document a draft that way, oakleys outlet but he had told the Elways John and his father, Jack that he believed a player should have some say about where he winds up, and John Elway had leverage because he had baseball in his back pocket.. The increased pressure also infuses food with moisture, which tenderizes otherwise tough foods such as rump roasts or other tough cuts of meat. Misuse Cheap mlb Jerseys of materials involves lack of apt usage and in the process destroying them, disallowing others to get their rightful share and maintaining them in a very undesirable manner.. You can set up a specific sequence and repeat it, or you can make it jordan sale up as you go along. Our data suggest clinical correlates for mCHI in this model in which brain morphology alterations were spontaneously improved after 7 days of recovery.. As an eminent French diplomatist remarked many years ago: It is a very remarkable fact in the history of the Polish State, this Louis Vuitton outlet online invariable and unanimous consent of the populations; the more so that, the King being looked upon simply as the chief of the Republic, there was no monarchical bond, no dynastic fidelity to control and guide the sentiment of the nations, and their union remained as a new Louis Vuitton pure affirmation of the national will.

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Movie Night: Beasts of the Southern Wild

Oct 02 2012 Published by under Cinema

The PhD Academy invites all PhD candidates to the première of ‘Beasts of

the Southern Wild´ on Wednesday 10 October at 20.00 in cinema

Lumière (Bogaardenstraat 40b).

Tickets are €5.00, including two free drinks. You can buy your tickets online

here, or reserve them bycalling Lumière at 043-3214080. When calling,

register under PhD Academy instead of under ‘Beasts of the Southern Wild´.

Please call the Lumière-desk in case of cancellations.

cop in critical condition after being shot in the head in detroitIf you’re nice to it, maybe it’ll do some work for you. Yes, we’ve finally done it: We’ve programmed a robot capable of insolence.. Jimmy and cheap jordans GM are similar because they are less loved by analysts than their counterparts Gronk and Ford. GM has emerged from bankruptcy healthy and with new majority ownership (remember this point). Also, Wonder Dog turned into the Hound of the Fucking Baskervilles and ripped out Marvin’s sternum, murdering him in the process. Apparently in this version, Wonder Dog was invented by an evil mastermind to use his adorable lovability to win his way into the hearts of the Teen Titans immediately before tearing them out.. The company owns and operates three regional sports networks (RSNs), 185 national HD television channels and 5 dedicated 3D channels. Also, DTV offers a VOD service, named DirecTV Cinema, which provides a selection of over 10,000 movies and television programs Cheap Jerseys from china to their broadband connected subscribers.. “A Redskin is a football player. A Redskin is our fans. 7, Louisville quarterback Teddy Bridgewater at No. 8, Auburn offensive tackle Greg Robinson at No. You don’t really know where you gonna end up. And that was the one thing I couldn’t do.”. Will Jimmy Garoppolo and/or Robert Griffin III settle in as starters?Garoppolo had a solid if Cheap Jerseys from china unspectacular preseason debutas Tom Brady’s four game stand in for the New England Patriots. Working against the Chicago Bears on Thursday, whom Garoppolo has seen all week in joint practices,the third year pro needs to show he can have a quicker trigger while still going through his progressions. While it really sad to see certain publications perpetuating some degree of self disprespect Amanda Bynes has toward herself, Hollywood media is an entirely different beast that isn about to change. They also made her famous first. As you no doubt know, good golf happens when you feel confident. Your idea of hitting a perfect discount football jerseys tee shot will be unique to you and to the actual hole you are cheap jordans playing. Consider, too: there are nations that will in all likelihood bypass the PC altogether in favor of smartphones, tablets and other portable devices that allow individuals to roam while online. Forrester Research estimates that five years from now nearly 350 million Oakley Sunglasses Outlet Indians will be mobile users, 75 million Brazilians and over 700 million Chinese.. “When it comes to the big time, my bowling is military medium,” he quipped. “I have a better feel for rugby as a fly half than I do as a bowler in cricket. So this is, you know, a classic reason to have a lawsuit against an employer. And the NFL didn’t want these stories coming out over and over again, knows that it’s this, you know, extremely profitable and extremely well watched franchise.
They’d be under tremendous pressure from lawyers, I would think.. The Wholesale NFL Jerseys division is going to be between Minnesota and Green Bay, but I’m going to go with the Packers.. My name is Gabrielle Woodson, and I’m a fitness and active lifestyle expert and today I’m going to show you how to jump rope to improve your running. It is their murders for which he will next face trial. It did not look like Caldwell would be back in Detroit after his team got off to a 1 7 start, but the Lions won six of their last eight to save his job. Now, your breathing is inhale, when you come out, exhale, when replica oakleys you bring those knees in. Rabbitt holds an MBA from Harvard Business School and a bachelor’s degree in managerial studies from Rice University.President and COO Keith Andrews has served NEP Group since April 2015. It’s kind of crazy,”Colquitt said to the Denver Postlast week.”You won’t remember, but I’m paying for it. Texas is home to the blues, country and jazz styles of music, two baseball and NFL teams, three NBA teams, and the Johnson space center. Falcons kicker Matt Bryant has made 27 of 29 field goal attempts, including three of five from 50 yards or farther. Fairfax Media understands McLachlan has remained resistant to the push for a twilight grand final from 2017 despite opening the door to the concept in February after attending the 2015 NFL Super Bowl. EDGE Joey Bosa, Ohio State Buckeyes3. cheap jerseys “Anything is possible in the USA,” reflects Marks. Some women lose interest in their husband because he has served his procreative purpose. Six of the seven meetings between the cheap oakleys teams at AT have been decided by six points or fewer, and the total points in the seven games there are exactly even, 218 for each side. I will also do a lot Wholesale China Jerseys of pushing and pulling with rubber bands to work my shoulders.”. Each additional true count point increases the player s advantage by 0.5%. Today the Patriots are the second most valuable cheap fake oakleys franchise, weighing in at a cool worth of $1.6 billion. Though Matt Ryan has good numbers, the offense has been too pass heavy and the defense hasn’t tackled. Getting your children involved in sports is a great way for them to receive needed physical activity. In the early 2000s he wholesale china jerseys appeared to be in serious decline, but returned to train Frankel, one of the greatest horses in history.. S2). Before becoming a football coach the teacher will have to take a basic training course in football coaching. That dishonor belongs to the Pittsburgh Steelers, who dropped 11 spots all the way until No. When we had been adolescent, Personalized aunt stood a tapped out up notepad added standing on our favorite family chiller dubbed lunch meals Lebron 11 Shoes Job register.

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Movie Night: On the Road

May 31 2012 Published by under Cinema

The PhD Academy invites all PhD candidates to the première of ‘On the Road´ on Wednesday 6 June at 19.30 in cinema Lumière (Bogaardenstraat 40b).

Tickets are €5.00, including two free drinks. You can buy your tickets online here, or reserve them by calling Lumière at 043-3214080. When calling, register under PhD Academy instead of under ‘On the Road´. Please call the Lumière-desk in case of cancellations.

love and death in alaskaFour of my five predictions were for individual names, with one overall market volatility prediction. Now that the four individual stocks on my list have all reported quarterly numbers during this earnings season, I’d like to review my 2013 predictions, and discuss where these names go from here.. “let’s look at Brazil, a place we have been doing business in for the past 20 years. I was there just last week in Rio and Sao Paulo and the excitement is obvious. Their first big break came when Creedence Clearwater Revival signed on for a whopping $10,000 or $11,500, depending on who you ask, in April of 1969. With a total talent budget of $180,000, Michael Lang set a cap of $15,000 for each performer, big or small. You can do one or both, alternating, but you want to make sure that whenever you’re doing a bicep curl your chest stays upright, your stomach stays drawn in to the space, and you try to keep your shoulders back. Try to avoid swaying at all costs. In 2016, the company received both QIDP and Fast Track designations for the IV formulation of for the same indications. The company is also developing as a treatment for (VVC, commonly known as a “yeast infection”). Then you’ve got all the media that have descended on Las Vegas to cover this fight without covering this part of Mayweather’s story. Sponsors of the fight haven’t raised a ruckus either. M: Dramatic pause. I’m picking Roberto Luongo too. The head of Deutsche Boerse, Joachim Faber, said the Brexit vote made no difference to the industrial logic of the deal and, as things stand, the cheap jerseys wholesale merged company will have its HQ in London. Also last week, the London based waste management group Shanks agreed terms for a 510 million merger with a Dutch rival.. If there are 6 players and each average 3 cards per hand, each round will use 1/3 of a deck. Most casinos use 6 decks. All in all, it was a disappointing evening Cheap NFL Authentic Jerseys for those tuning in to see some games pre rendered cinematics of Remedy Entertainment’s crossover title, Quantum Break and Turn 10 Studios’ Forza 5 and EA’s sports montage simply weren’t enough. And while the neat featurette of Call of Duty: Ghosts almost redeemed the game less evening, it did feel like a breath of fresh air. 5d) and Wnt1 expression (Fig. 5e). Lay the beef in a large roasting pan with the bone side down. (The ribs act as a natural roasting rack.) In a small bowl mash Replica Oakleys together the garlic, horseradish, salt, pepper, NFL Wholesale Jerseys and olive oil to make a paste. So when you drop it from really high, the bomb crashes straight through the ground like Wile E. Coyote after he falls off a cliff.
Since a grand jury declined to indict a New York police officer in the death of Garner, demonstrators across the country have taken to the streets to express their outrage. In the National Football Fake Oakleys League, players may get contracts worth $225,000 to $20 million, so the agent has the chance to earn anywhere from $6,750 to $600,000 for one contract negotiation. However, a persistent complaint has been that many charter high schools, in the rush to raise standards and scores, imposed a one size fits all, zero tolerance discipline policy. The Broncos would be outscored 42 0 in the last 3 quarters. You could use these wholesale nfl jerseys funny conversation starters mentioned below, as they can make both, your image and the atmosphere, funny, lively, and interesting.. “We recently had a ruling in India that says there should be no differential pricing for services, even if you are trying to give some basic services for free, that’s not going to be allowed. Maybe then you’ll really start to like her, genuinely. I realize that both of my picks last week were utterly atrocious. To combat voter apathy, in more than 30 countries, it’s compulsory for all eligible citizens to vote. But I’ve got to ask this now and again: What makes anyone certain that Torey Lovullo would cheap oakleys be an upgrade in the dugout if Farrell is relieved of his duties before the season ends? A decent stretch while Lovullo was on duty during garbage time last year while Farrell was being treated for cancer isn’t a big enough sample for me.. It was a lot uglier than the final score would indicate.. On most teams, there is usually one person who speaks a cheap football jerseys bit louder than the rest. No investor can profit, yet no one can claim a deduction. From those 151 names, the now called Seattle Seahawks organization drew a name randomly to determine ray bans sale who officially named the team. Franco Nevada’s stock is quite expensive, but investors pay a premium for Franco Nevada’s solid earnings and 2014 has been no exception. The AFC has, in fact, won five of the last six Super Bowls. The British bombarded the Ottoman positions day and night, but they would not budge. As I’ll hit my sand wedge, I don’t know, 10 times with half swings. Matt O’Toole will take full responsibility for Reebok in North America. No one has managed this better than Disney (NYSE:DIS).. First what you want to do is examine the area. Choose the circle shape from the Shapes menu and draw small circles to resemble players. For Diggs, the next step in his ascension will be to produce even when he becomes the defense’s main focus.Carolina’s best asset in containing Diggs might be its pass rush. However, cheap jordan with no obvious replacement in house, another train of thought suggests Chicago could keep Cutler in 2017, when his base salary is $12.5 million, a manageable salary for a starting quarterback.Cutler passed for 1,059 yards, four TDs and five INTs in five starts this year and has been thoroughly outplayed by understudies Brian Hoyer (also injured) and Matt Barkley.Marcus Mariota has the Titans a half game out of first cheap nfl jerseys place in the AFC South.

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Movie Night: Moonrise Kingdom

May 16 2012 Published by under Cinema

The PhD Academy invites all PhD candidates to the première of ‘Moonrise Kingdom’ Wednesday 23 May at 19.30 in cinema Lumière (Bogaardenstraat 40b). Tickets are €5.00, including two free drinks. You can buy your tickets online (, or reserve them by calling Lumière at 043-3214080. When calling, register under PhD Academy instead of under ‘Moonrise Kingdom’. Please call the Lumière-desk in case of cancellations.

Being and a larger area where crossing states and different jurisdictions but everyone has been fantastic. And I can’t say enough great things about the people that have been working on this this the officials who have supported every effort. Using 6,000 transmission electron microscopy, the structure of individual melanosomes within RPE microvilli was confirmed (inserted panel in Fig. 6D). The aircraft went down during a season high hopes of cheap nfl jerseys competing for the Super Bowl, but in three weeks against the jaguars, when Chad Pennington reinjured his shoulder. Their backup quarterback Jay Fiedler was injured six plays after Pennington. Since Luck and coach Chuck Pagano arrived in 2012, Indianapolis has only lost one game following a bye. Both secondaries were torched by Green Bay leading to plenty of pass attempts. Seventy nine interceptions, two behind the all time leader, Paul Krause, and Tunnell played in 59 fewer games. The interception numbers are especially impressive because he had far fewer opportunities. Erik Kane at Forbes argues though that the show cutting Arianne from the series is a “good omen.” Kane is a proponent of the show cutting back on more minor characters and side storylines that aren’t a part of the central plot. After all, Dan Weiss and David Benioff have to cut back somewhere.. They’ve fired two presidents slash CEOs, three GMs and three head coaches. Then, on the other end of the spectrum, you have the Giants, who had a coach for 12 years and also a longstanding GM. Any rebroadcast of this information in whole or part without the prior written permission of AECOM is prohibited. Later, we will conduct a question and answer session. You have your short irons in the front in the first slide pocket and then you have your middle clubs in the center and your long clubs would be toward the back of the bag. This is allows for an expedient retrieval of your club when you had a shot so it’s not to go under your bag and have a mix of clubs. He was going to take no prisoners. If you’re a quarterback, you better run and hide because Suh would find you and destroy you. If fell running is nothing else, it traction. A good shoe will have a lot of it to keep you upright over wet grass and chossy terrain more than your typical trail Fake ray ban Sunglasses outlet shoe. The question is do you really NEED everything you buy? so so by doing what Baratas Ray Ban is suggested you actually double your weapons because Wholesale NFL Jerseys Online you then have two votes. One in getting them out of office and secondly in hurting them in their pocket book, their bottom line, their ray bans sale profits.
New Orleans Saints jersey’s are in high demand since they became Super Bowl champs. ‘I took a step back; this guy had latched onto my lapels. And as Kerns put it, “It’s amazing to see what fire can do. Replica ray bans But when life experience tells you that things turn out badly lots of the time, it’s really annoying when somebody tries to force you to be positive against your will. “We’re going to extend this.”. wholesale jerseys Was a good guy, was humble, never lorded it over me, Branca told The Times. Running a dart league requires dedication every week. This is his move, the speed rush. 6A). National Team. The Harry Potter series is, quite simply, one of the most lucrative ideas in the history of human civilization. When you start tellin’ me it doesn’t matter, then retire. But at the same time, Michael Vick and Cheap NFL Authentic Jerseys Cam Newton are perhaps two better examples than Tim Tebow, of the cheap oakleys outlet mobile quarterback, of a quarterback who could hurt you with his arm but also hurt you with his legs. John Dies at the End was printed up in paperback and sold on Amazon. There is nowhere to go but up for the guy who cost the Eagles their all time leading rusher. Pharmaceutical companies may see profits increase as a result of the recent change in guidelines, which has caused some to question the underlying reason for the study. We talked to league sources. When we look at our fellow primates, they don wean immature babes simply because they capable of also eating other foods (or walking or can communicate or whatever other silly benchmark people want to arbitrarily link to weaning). Unfortunately, cheap nfl jerseys demand is high. Ideally, Long would play on the left side, allowing Vernon Carey, the 19th overall pick in 2004, to move back to right tackle, where he played during his first 3 seasons with Miami.. 9, 2016.. Comps for the company were very healthy in the first two weeks of January at a positive 10% and so we were optimistic about the end of the quarter when we spoke at IPR early in January. The Indians offer slick defense too, especially on the infield thanks to stellar young shortstop Francisco Lindor.. Meanwhile Spain leave out Juan Mata, David Villa, Fernando Llorente, David de Gea and Fernando Torres from the squad to play Italy next week.. Figure 1: Amino acids activate AMPK independently of PI3K.(a) Schematic representation of the mTOR AMPK network. Also, you work to rehabilitate patients with injuries so they can return to their daily activities or to playing cheap nfl jerseys sports. 10. Once you login, you can post further comments and view comments made in your profile.There may be a delay before it appears on the site due to high volumes and comment moderation on some articles; however we endeavour to post all your views, within reason, so please check back laterOur Regional News StoriesThe Northern AdvocateKaikohe A displays everything ruralEverything rural will be on display later this month at the Kaikohe Agricultural, PastoralHawke’s Bay TodayMcDonald’s ‘stabbing’ in cheap oakleys Napier Two people were taken to hospital after a fight in Napier McDonald’s last night..

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