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Observant’s Science Journalism workshop for UM scientists

Sep 24 2017 Published by under Academic, Activities

Would you like to make complex issues accessible for a wide audience? Keen to learn how to write about science for a broad readership? How to avoid jargon and explain complicated subject matter clearly, step by step? Then check out Observant’s Science Journalism course (in Dutch and English).

In one morning or afternoon session, professional journalists teach researchers the do’s and don’ts of writing about your research for a lay audience.

Before the workshop, you will be asked to describe your own work in 100 words. During the workshop a researcher will give a ‘press conference’ on his or her research. The participants receive a press release, can ask questions and are asked to write an article based on the information provided. Please bring your laptop or tablet, pen and paper.

The workshops are scheduled for the morning (9.30–12.00) and afternoon (13.30–16.00) of Thursday 9 November 2017. A minimum of six and a maximum of eight participants will take part in each session; in the event of greater demand an additional workshop will be organized. Participants receive a certificate upon completion.

Price per participant: €125

Interested? Please contact Riki Janssen, editor in chief Observant ( or 043-3885384).

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Science Slam

May 06 2013 Published by under Academic

PhD Academy invites you for a Science Slam!

Now the time has come, to reveal yourself and fight for your applause.

What is a Science Slam?

Maximal 10 scientists enter the stage to present their topic of research to the curious audience. The medium of presentation is free and can range from a more traditional talk to a dance choreography, a stage play or a self- composed song. Everything is allowed to win the votes of the audience, but you just have 5 minutes!!!

Enthusiastic to present your topic?
Sign up until 15th of May via e-mail to
Just let us know your name and your topic.

Curious to see Science Slamers on stage? Sign up until 1st june via e-mail.

The evening will be closed with some drinks!

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Workshop Scientist 2.0

Feb 14 2013 Published by under Academic

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Debate into your writing workshop

Oct 16 2012 Published by under Academic

Debating skills are important for scientists. Debating and writing have more in common than you might think at first glance. In both cases a scientist needs to be able to convince an audience by putting up good and convincing arguments, be persuasive and be able to tackle difficult questions from the audience.

The workshop will focus on strengthening these aspects and you will learn how to structure a presentation, be clear and convincing and how to deal with those difficult questions. The workshop contains a mix of theory and practice. It will be dynamic, inspirational and interactive. The trainer of the debate workshop is employed by Brigitte Hertz, who has a business providing workshops that focus on scientific researchers. The trainer, Daniel Schut, has made the finals of a couple of important international (European and World championships) debating competitions.

13.00 – 13.30 Coffee and Tea
13.30 – 15.00 Workshop part 1
15.00 – 15.30 Coffee and Tea
15.30 – 16:15 Workshop part 2

The workshop allows up to 50 PhD Candidates.
Location: Duboisdomein 30, Canteen

We are looking forward to seeing you on the 5th of November!

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Spill your guts!

Mar 30 2011 Published by under Academic, Activities

How do you cope with supervisors, taking courses, teaching and career prospects?

If you ever asked yourself this question, come to our discussion night and get answers! The panel discussion covers four essential topics that concern every PhD:

  • How does supervision influence performance of PhDs?
  • What is the merit of taking courses?
  • How much teaching should be done by PhDs?
  • Where do you go with your PhD?

The panel will consist of the rector Gerard Mols, supervisors and confidential advisors as well as a PhD, and participation of the audience is more than welcome. The event will close with a free drink.

Price: free
Date: 21. April 2011
Time: 18:30-20:30
Location: Derlon Hotel, Onze Lieve Vrouweplein 6

Sign up by sending an email to Confirming on the facebook event is appreciated, but not sufficient.

Looking forward to seeing you there!
The board of ProVUM and PhD Academy

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4th Maastricht PhD Conference

Mar 24 2011 Published by under Academic, Activities

Dear PhD candidate,

PhD Academy would like to cordially invite you to the 4th Maastricht PhD Conference (PhDC 2011) on the topic ‘Communicating Effective Narratives’. It will be held on May 26, 2011, in La Bonbonniere, a beautiful theatre in the centre of Maastricht.

The conference will offer informative workshops and inspirational keynote talks on how to communicate your work effectively and successfully. Presentations and posters will give an insight into the variety of PhD research in various departments of Maastricht University. [check out the program and more on the conference page]

When: Thursday, 26 May 2011 from 9am-7pm
Where: La Bonbonniere, Maastricht
Price: free for Maastricht University PhD candidates
Join the facebook event and see who else is coming!

Call for submissions

This event will provide a prime opportunity to promote your research to your peers, and to establish inter-departmental networks. To present your work, you can make use of

  • a presentation of about 10 minutes plus questions
  • or a poster of max. 90x120cm.

Presentations and posters can cover any topic within your field of study, as long as the style of presentation is suitable for a broad audience.

The presentation part of the conference will consist of 3 parallel tracks with a general orientation towards

  1. Arts and Humanities
  2. Natural and Life Sciences
  3. Multi-disciplinary

The poster session will be organized depending on the submissions. If you are interested, please visit the conference page.

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Academic Writing Workshop

Dec 14 2010 Published by under Academic, Activities

Join the facebook event and see who else is coming!

Date & Time: 18th of January, 13:30 – 17:00 hrs
Location: Universiteitssingel 60, Co Greepzaal (5th Floor)
Please sign up by sending an email to: <!–
var name = "phdacademy+writing";
var domain = "";
// –>

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Facts and Fiction of right-wing politics

Nov 04 2010 Published by under Academic, Activities

Right wing political parties have become popular in several countries in Europe.  ‘Fitna’ and other movies have caused chaos and fear of the Islamic population. But is this fear based on facts or fiction?

Speakers will give an introduction into actual figures of topics such as immigration and crime to disprove right-wing propaganda such as Please sign up by writing an email to <!–
var name = "phdacademy+FactsAndFiction";
var domain = "";
// –>.

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A summary of past events

May 13 2010 Published by under Academic, Activities, Outdoor, Social

Past Events and Programs of PhD Academy:

<< Visit PhD Academy on Picasa

Date Event Location
05-02-2010 Live Music Night Muziekgieterij
21-01-2010 Drinks night John Mullins Irish Pub
09-11-26 MovieNight: Capitalism: A love story Lumiere
09-11-11 Scientific Writing Workshop Economics Faculty (SBE)
09-10-30 PhD Party Halloween Boulevard Cafe
09-09-27 Boat Trip to Liege on the Maas
09-07-18 PhD Rafting on the Maas
09-05-15 PhD Conference: Crossing Borders Stayokay Maastricht
09-04-08 Quiz Night Grand Café Centre Ville
09-03-25 PhD Salon: The Financial Crisis… Hotel Derlon
09-03-23 PhD SkiNight Snowworld, Landgraaf
09-01-23 Angels&Demons Party

Grand Café Centre Ville
08-12 Movie Night: Vicky, Cristina, Barcelona Lumiere
08-12 Workshops
08-11-13 Quiz Night Café de Vitrine

Movie Night and Live Concert

Researchers’ Night

Lumiere Cinema


08-09-20 Rafting Trip River Maas
08-09-11 PhD Socializing Pub Night Cubico Café
08-06-19 Movie Night Lumiere Cinema
08-05-29 Quiz Night Cubico Café
08-05-09 PhD Conference: Uncertainty in Science MBB, FdEWB, MGSoG, FDR
08-04-24 PhD Socializing Pub Night Cubico Café
08-04-04 PhD Salon: Artificial Intelligence Derlon Hotel
08-03-06 Movie Night: Camp Jesus Lumiere Cinema
08-01-25 PhD Winter Party Café de Vitrine
07-10-04 Quiz Night Café de Vitrine
Earlier events were organized as Provum Social Committee

= Photos available!

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Conference 2009

May 09 2009 Published by under Academic, Activities

The PhD Academy proudly presents:

3rd Maastricht PhD Conference

“Crossing Borders”

15th May 2009, Stayokay Maastricht

The PhD Academy aims at organizing academic and social activities for PhD candidates from all UM faculties and institutes to stimulate interdisciplinary contact.

The theme of the 3rd Maastricht PhD Conference, is “Crossing Borders”, since all PhD candidates cross borders, literally or figuratively, during and after their PhD projects. Some PhD candidates gain some research experience abroad, while others have to deal with media attention or have to combine different academic fields in their research project. Also, questions arise as to what to do after your PhD project. Stay in the academic world or go elsewhere? The goal of the conference is to address all these different types of “crossing borders” and to provide PhD candidates with practical tools which could help ”crossing borders”.

The conference will be opened by Dr. Mariolina Eliantonio, one of the founders of the PhD Academy. Following that, the 1st key-note speaker, Prof. dr. Peter van Koppen (Maastricht University), will give a talk on the following: “Fact finding in criminal cases is science, or at least it should be”. The 2nd speaker Ruth Brauer (Maastricht University) will share her experiences with us of working abroad.

After lunch, several skills-training workshops are offered to stimulate personal development and coaching of PhD candidates. The workshops are ‘Career management’ which can help you make a motivated choice to continue your career within academia or elsewhere, ‘How to improve your presentation skills’, and ‘Media interview & dealing with the media’ which will provide you with tools to effectively deal with the media. Other workshops include ‘Speed reading’ and ‘The possibilities to obtain a grant after finishing your PhD’. After a coffee break, an interactive debate will take place with Gijs Weenink as moderator. During this session, we will explore the theme “Crossing Borders” in a broad sense, though related to doing a PhD. After a brief closing session, the day will concluded with drinks and snacks.

The conference is FREE and open to All PhD candidates of Maastricht University!!


In case you have any questions, feel free to ask the organizers!


09.30 Registration at Stayokay (Maasboulevard 101)

10:00 Opening

10:30 Keynote Speakers:

Prof. dr. Peter van Koppen (Maastricht University)

Ruth Brauer (Maastricht University)

12:00 Lunch

12:45 Skills-training workshops

15:15 Coffee break

15:45 “Lagerhuis” debate – Vote with your feet and Voice your views!

17:00 Plenary closing session

17:15 Drinks and snacks at Stayokay

Click here to download map of conference venue.



1. Speed reading

So much information – so little time As a result of mounting information, people are increasingly suffering information overload. What can you do to process information faster, gain time and create a better balance in your work and life? Speed reading is an important technique in achieving this.

This workshop is aimed to provide you with the skills you need to double your reading speed within a short time, and then further improve it through continuous application of the techniques.

2. Career management

in this workshop a short introduction will be given of the following: how to gain recognition and improvement of personal competences, motives, desires and expectations. In addition, how to gain insight into the strengths and weaknesses of your personal style of communication, and improve your personal (career) skills. This will help you to make a motivated choice to continue your career within academia or beyond, and to formulate a personal action plan for your career.

3. Media interview & dealing with the media

There’s a saying that a newspaper can kill both a fly and a politician. A researcher is a fly nor a politician, but to him or her it’s equally important to know how to effectively deal with the media. In the workshop Dealing with the Media, the participants learn how to prepare themselves adequately for an interview, what to say and how to speak, the importance of short statements and soundbites, and how to lead the interviewer in a preferred direction. The workshop is given by former journalist en PR officer Marcel Schrijnemaekers.

4. How to improve your presentation skills

Do you like giving a presentation or do you hate it? How do you see your audience? As innocent puppies or as ferocious lions ready to rip you apart? Topics to be discussed during this workshop are ways of communication, body language and how to deal with difficult audiences. Many practical tips will be given.

5. The possibilities to obtain a grant after finishing your PhD

Many grant opportunities are available for (partly) financing research, training and fellowships on both a national level as well as an international level. Searching for a suitable grant opportunity is a first hurdle to take. When a fit between the research idea and the grant opportunity has been found, contact with the funding agency is of the utmost importance for a successful submission of the proposal. Then, the quality of the project proposal must be outstanding, not only for approval but also to smoothly execute the project after approval. But what if your research idea can be submitted in other programs? What strategy do you then follow? The workshop is an introduction in how to search for funding opportunities, how to write successful proposals and how to manage research projects.

“Lagerhuis” debate – Vote with your feet and Voice your views!

As an interactive debate session with a professional moderator and your precocious PhD peers, “Lagerhuis” debate seeks your views on the theme “Crossing Borders” in every sense – geographical, academic discipline, gender, age/demographic and culture/linguistic. Is there a gender glass ceiling in your faculty? Are there invisible barriers preventing productive cooperation across departments in the UM? Should the non-Limburgers learn Limburgish? The debate will surely provide exciting discussion pieces for the closing drinks.

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