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The Story

At first glance the logo for PhD Academy clearly represents a graduate cap. The reason for this is the focus of PhD Academy, which is to offer PhD students a wide range of activities and in this way mingle people from every department of the university of Maastricht. This also brings us to the next two important elements of the logo; the people and the bridge with the ribbon, representing water, flowing beneath. The people are there to represent the social aspect of the organization and they are standing on a bridge, which resembles the iconic Sint Servaasbrug from Maastricht. These three components are all woven together into the base of the logo, the graduate cap, forming the logo for PhD Academy.


As the colors scheme of the logo is mostly composed of dark palette, a secondary option is also available. This version replaces the dark grey fill and uses a transparent or white diamond shape with grey stroke. The blue colors that are used are all in accordance to the house style from Maastricht University. Below, a lighter version for the logo is shown for use against dark backgrounds. There are also two options for the text and of course a third one without any text. If only the name is used PhD Academy is place beneath the logo. The other option is the name with the slogan of PhD Academy, in this case the text is put to the right of the logo. The font, just like with the colors, is based on the house style of Maastricht University.


Since there are multiple committees within PhD Academy there are also versions of the logo with the addition of small symbol representing each committee. The six versions are shown below and are to be used by the committees for communications related to their activities.





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