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Our active members of 2016 during the Christmas dinner



PhD Academy mission statement

The PhD Academy Maastricht organizes social, educative and fun activities for all PhD candidates of Maastricht University. These activities shall stimulate contact and interaction between PhD researchers from the same or from different faculties/institutes.

Events we organize:

  • Weekly improvisation theatre (Improv), every Thursday from 20:00-22:00 at Achter de Barakken 11, Maastricht
  • Movie nights at the Lumiere Cinema
  • Social drinks and parties
  • Outdoor activities
  • Ski trip
  • Panel discussions
  • Do you have a suggestion for an event? Or want to become one of our volunteers? Contact us via phdacademy@gmail.com or via our Facebook page
  • Be sure to like us on Facebook to follow our events

To get an impression of what we did so far, you can read more about our past and upcoming events here.

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