The Ph.D. Academy is here to organize social, educative and fun activities for all Ph.D. candidates of Maastricht University. We organize a broad variety of events to enable Ph.D. candidates from all over the University to mingle with one another. Over the years, we have established weekly improvisational theatre sessions (improv) and almost every month there is a movie night at Lumiere where we show interesting movies. We start each academic year with a boat party which is loved by many of our guests. We also offer other opportunities to show off and improve your dance moves. The dance committee organizes dance workshops such as belly-, swing-, and Bollywood dancing which are usually followed by a party.

Our events are all organized by volunteers who are also pursuing a Ph.D.  You can join one of our committees and help us to organize events. We have the following committees: academic, dance, movie night, social, sport, and theatre. Send us a message via the contact form or via Facebook.